The total issuance is capped at 1 billion tokens and will not be issued indefinitely.


Within the application, a virtual AMM (Automated Market Maker) pairing STP (SNPIT POINT) with SNPT (SNPIT TOKEN) is created, allowing STP and SNPT to be automatically exchanged at prices based on a mathematical formula. (A 5% fee is incurred for exchanges)

The exchange formula is based on the same principle as Uniswap V1 and V2, which is x*y = k.

Release of SNPT

Using the AMM, SNPT is exchanged for STP at regular intervals, and subsequently, that STP is burned. This release of SNPT comes from the allocation reserved for game rewards.

This allows for a fair release of SNPT without compromising the user experience (UX) of SNPIT.

Handling at the Time of TGE (Token Generation Event)

At the time of TGE only, STP acquired up to that point can be exchanged for SNPT on an equivalent basis. Users can choose to keep their STP as is or receive it in SNPT at the time of TGE.

The exchange rate will be determined as follows:

1 STP = The amount of SNPT allocated for early users / Total amount of STP acquired before TGE

Should the allocation be received in STP, any remaining SNPT allocated will be burned.

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