🏆User Ranking

User Ranking

There are two types of rankings: one based on the sum of all parameters of the camera deck and the other based on the monthly battle rankings.

Classification in Battles

Based on the results of the monthly ranking battles, users are divided into the following four classes. During the ranking battle period, users will only be matched with others in the same class.

  • S-Class: Top 100 users. The bottom 10 users each month are demoted to A-Class.

  • A-Class: Those who have over 100 main battle wins with a win rate of over 40%. The top 10 users in the ranking battles are promoted to S-Class.

  • B-Class: Those who have over 100 main battle wins but with a win rate below 40%.

  • C-Class: Those who have less than 100 main battle wins.

Rewards in Ranking

Battles In the monthly ranking battles, top performers in each class are awarded prizes. In addition, 30% of the jackpot's Others deposit balance is distributed to S-Class rankers according to their rankings.

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