The "World Repository" will be completed through the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Users around the world use physical devices to collect photos through the SNAP to Earn model.

  • Phase 2: Extend the token economy established in Phase 1 to existing Web2 applications to achieve mass adoption.

  • Phase 3: Construct and release the unique photo database "World Repository" to external parties.

Access to the "World Repository" enables the use of photos with timestamps and location data for purposes such as cultural heritage restoration, regional revitalization, materials for metaverse and generative AI, advertising, and app materials.

Our goal is for everyone involved in the project to rediscover the beauty of the Earth through the "World Repository" and to enhance awareness towards environmental conservation and cultural heritage.

The project begins with Phase 1, a Game-Fi platform "SNPIT" that rewards photography using Camera NFTs.

In 2024, we plan to expand the features of SNPIT and simultaneously commence Phase 2. In Phase 2, we will sell two types of NFTs on the already launched photo-sharing SNS, Pictier. These include "Sacred Place NFTs" that allow for overlaying shots on anime and movie scenes, and "Guardian NFTs" which elevate levels and provide rewards for contributing to regional revitalization and environmental protection through photography. Selling these two NFTs using SNPT will expand the SNPT economy and enhance the value of the photo database.

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