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The establishment of a "Guild" requires a "Guild Wallet." This can be acquired by users who meet specific conditions and spend STP.

A guild can be formed with at least 10 members, and each member contributes one deck to form a "Party."

The total points earned in party battles directly become the points of the guild, and the ranking is competed based on the points earned each season.

Each party can establish a base, where a guild flag can be hoisted. The durability of the base is determined by the total Efficiency of the party. The durability decreases over time, and if a party from another guild with higher Efficiency takes a photo of the base, the base loses its function for a certain period. The total Battery of the party triggers Emperor Time, during which the party cannot be attacked by others. The base levels up based on the total volume of photos taken by all users in that area during the season. While a higher-level base benefits the party, it also has the disadvantage of being more prone to attacks from other parties as it is easier to level up.

Within the guild, it is possible to rent cameras to guild members.

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