⚔️Photo Battles

Photo Battles

You can battle using photos you've taken. In these battles, other users vote on their preferred photo, with the most-voted photo being the winner. Winning a battle gets your photo displayed on the timeline. You can also view your battle history and the photos you've competed against on the photo's status page.

Base System of Battles

Voting (Photo Evaluation)

Photo evaluations are carried out from the Rate page. Two photos are displayed, one above the other, for comparison. You vote by selecting the photo you think is better. If the photo you voted for wins the battle, STP are also awarded to the user who voted for the winning photo.

Battle Entry

You can enter a battle from the battle page. There is no basic fee for entering a photo, but if you want to re-enter a photo that has lost once, you will need STP.

Types of Battles

Main Battle

Anyone with a quality rating of 30 or above can participate in these battles. Generally, you cannot enter multiple photos simultaneously in the Main Battle. Once a battle concludes, you can enter a new photo.

The system automatically determines battle pairings (1 vs 1) based on the photos entered by users. The first photo to receive 10 votes wins, and the winner earns STP (points for free camera users).

Winning a battle also earns stars, which indicate the rank of the photo in battle. Battles are fought between photos of the same rank. Initially, you start with no stars, and as your rank increases, the number of potential opponents decreases, lengthening the matchmaking time. However, the higher the rank, the more SNPIT TOKENs you can earn.

Tokens Earnable from Battles

Tokens Earnable from Voting

Casual Battle

This battle is open to everyone without restrictions based on the quality of the camera. Although no "stars" are awarded for winning the battle, defeated photos can still be entered into the main battle. Each photo can be entered up to 10 times regardless of winning or losing.

Winning a battle awards 1FP, and at the end of 10 battles, "(number of wins - number of losses) * 5FP" can be earned. There are no "STP" or "FP" rewards for the winner of the battle or for users who voted for the winning side.

Which (scheduled for implementation in Q1 2024)

Users can become organizers of battles by selecting between 2 to 8 photos they have taken and allowing other users to vote on which photo is superior. The number of votes required for victory can be freely set by the organizer, ranging from 10 to 1,000 votes. The organizer pays a cost of 0.1STP times the number of votes to award STP to users who supported the winning photo.

Friend Battle (Within 2023)

Users can battle each other, with 2 to 8 players. Similar to "Which," the organizer pays the cost, and voters for the winning photo receive STP. There's no prize for the winner, but organizing a Friend Battle might lead to future benefits.

Badge (Comming soon)

Purchasing a badge enables participation in and voting for battles of ★7 and above. Each badge can be upgraded in four stages by consuming STP, with each upgrade enhancing the values of all parameters across all cameras.

Three months after purchase, badges can be sold back to the operator at the original price of purchase. Although the upgrades will be nullified upon sale, it is possible to repurchase the badge with the upgrades carried over from the time of sale.

Badges must be purchased in sequence starting from bronze, and conversely, when selling, badges must be sold starting from the highest rank first.

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